PhotoCake® Background + DecoSet® = Dynamic Cake Designs

• Detailed Storytelling • Labor and Time Saving • Profit Enhancing •

PhotoCake® DecoSet® Background Features:

  • Dimensional, unique, licensed artwork.
  • Tailor-made designs to coordinate with each DecoSet®.
  • Offers added value and the opportunity to increase your profit.
  • Available to PhotoCake® customers only.
  • Background image is FREE, no additional cost.

Cake Application Benefits:

  • Create dynamic cake designs with more detail, consistency, story-telling and dimension
  • Artwork cannot be duplicated using standard decorating techniques
  • High impact story telling with low labor, saving you cake decorating time
  • Provides un-matched detail and consistency across cake designs.
  • Delivers the WOW factor and point of difference for your cakes.
  • Application is fast and easy!
  • Select a Background

    Ice the cake, print and position the Enhanced Background image on the cake, pipe the borders.

  • Choose a DecoSet

    20 DecoSet® options available

  • Your cake is complete

    Place the DecoSet® on the cake and you're ready to sell!

3 Easy Decorating Steps
For optimal print quality,
It is necessary to use our new extended size media
(#5260 / #5261 / #5262), available November 2014.
The new media size extends to the edges of a ¼ sheet cake,
and eliminates the extra white space!

If you have any questions, please call
PhotoCake® Technical Support at 1-800-644-1228.


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